The Barron River

Fitness:  4/7     Canoe Skills:   3/7     Comfort zone:   5/7


  • Canoe the Barron River in Algonquin Park
  • Float through the majestic Barron Canyon
  • Learn canoe, portage, and camping skills
  • Experience the authentic Canadian wilderness
  • See presentations by Canadian experts

Map of Barron River


You will be challenged by sore muscles, difficult weather, heavy loads, sore muscles, mosquitoes, black flies, cold water and discomfort. Your physical strength (especially when portaging) and mental strength (when dealing with discomfort and isolation) will carry you through. 

Paddle the Barron River

The Barron River is one of Ontario's most exciting and yet accessible river routes. 

You will paddle and portage more than 27 km over 6 days, 5 nights. This will be your chance to become comfortable in a canoe, the perfect vehicle for exploring the interior of one of Canada's largest parks. Our group must be completely self-sufficient to live on the land and all participants must be willing to help out by setting up tents, washing dishes, and gathering firewood. This is an isolated area and there is no cell phone service (but we will carry a satellite phone for emergencies).

     Made in Canada

     Made in Canada


You will be rewarded by fresh air, clean water, quiet vistas, and an intense selection of the smells, sights, and sounds of nature. You'll experience the plants, wildlife, and geology of a real Canadian wilderness. You'll have the opportunity to move slowly through a landscape that few people have experienced. 

You will finish with a true sense of accomplishment (and the need for a shower!)

This trip is appropriate for a beginner canoeist with a strong fitness level. For more information on all trips, see these details.

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