Algonquin Park: Canada's First Provincial Park

Comfortably nestled between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, Canada’s oldest Provincial Park is home to thousands of lakes, scores of rivers and abundant Canadian wildlife.  Today the park’s current size is over 7,600 square kilometres (2,934 square miles) and is actually contiguous with several other separate provincial parks, helping to protect rivers in the area. 

Given the location of the park and its close proximity to two of Ontario’s two largest cities; Ottawa and Toronto, Algonquin Park has gained a cult-like following for people in these major cities so that they can escape the confines of concrete. 

Algonquin Park

Campers, paddlers, cyclists, bird enthusiasts and nature junkies make the pilgrimage to the park, mostly during the summer months to explore its beautiful scenery, countless trails, campsites, lakes and breathtaking lookout points.

The park boasts three main biking trails for those looking for a challenging adventure in one of Canada’s greatest outdoor settings.  These three trails vary in difficulty from family-friendly to steep and rugged terrain to bully even the toughest cyclists.

Hard Maple Travel is located in the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Park is right on our doorstep. This park offers us a variety of unique trips and activities we can plan for visitors to Ontario and the Ottawa area.

Currently we run two separate trips in this beautiful park, by canoe or by both mountain bike and canoe. Our 14-day Canadian Shield excursion was created to test the strength of even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast.  This point-to-point all-encompassing trip includes mountain biking, canoeing, portaging, and rafting, and finishes with biking the K&P Trail in Eastern Ontario. 

The Barron River excursion is a 6 day canoe, portage, and camping trip, suitable for beginner canoeists. By the end, participants will be comfortable in the great outdoors and in a canoe.  Travelling over 27 km this trip really gives you a true experience in exploring the heart of Algonquin Park.

Whether on a guided tour with Hard Maple, a weekend retreat or a scenic drive, Algonquin Provincial Park is truly one of Canada’s most treasured outdoor monuments.  For more information about Algonquin Park please access the link below: